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Trenching specialists in the UK

Conroy Group prides itself as being amongst industry leaders of excavation and installation equipment, offering the very latest in innovations and bespoke solutions. Our fleet of Vermeer machines can be adjusted to a variety of widths and individual requirements to suit your projects every need. With greater accessibility we can provide fast, efficient and quality installation optimising commercial and environmental benefits.

Trenching/Mole Ploughing offers an alternative to traditional methods of installation of mains, ducts and cables maximising output with minimal disruption.

Applications for Trenching

PE Plastic, Twin wall and cable can all be installed

Wide variety of width and depth to suit most projects

Greater Ground stability with minimised open trench

Reduced programme time and costs

Reduced environmental impact

Reduced waste

Reduced project costs

For more information call us on 01754 766 499 or

For more information call us on 01754 766 499 or

What is

With the use of modern plant and machinery trenching has evolved to be more cost effective, safe and time efficient as apposed to the more traditional methods.

Conroy innovative trenching is achieved by the following methods;

Sliding Offset Conveyor Trencher – This is a chain with carbide teeth, sharks teeth and full cutter cups which rotates and is connected to a hydraulic motor which cuts into the soil. The chain then lifts the material out of the trench and into an auger which then disperses the soil evenly over the top of the spread. 

Vibratory ‘Mole’ Plough – Cuts down into the ground with the use of a vibrating motor disturbing the soil allowing for the pipe to be fed through therefore requiring no backfill.

Centre Mount Rockwheel – Made for hard aggressive ground such as rock, concrete, tarmac, stone. Rockwheels are available with a choice of cutting depths and widths.

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    For more information call us on 01754 766 499 or

    For more information call us on 01754 766 499 or