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Developer Services (including private installations) in the UK

As a tier 1 contractor for many of the main utility suppliers in the country, Conroy also offer developer services and private main installations across the country. Accredited to WIRS and GIRS we can offer a package to install your main utilities including highly effective liaison with the host company to ensure a seamless installation of your utilities compliant to industry specifications and ready for connection to supply your new development.

Utilising techniques including Pipe bursting, Slip lining/Pipe pushing, Trenching, Mole ploughing, Open cut and Horizontal directional drilling we offer every expertise to install our mains whatever the requirement including.

  • Full Turnkey project management
  • Site investigation (Inc suction excavator hire and real time data collection)
  • Design consultation
  • Mains rehabilitation and diversion
  • Spine main installation
  • Service installation
  • Pressure testing, chlorination, dechlorination and sampling
  • Full loop mobile material recycling

For more information call us on 01754 766 499 or

For more information call us on 01754 766 499 or

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