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Hydrostatic Pressure Testing, Chlorination, Dechlorination and Sampling Services

Conroy Group have fully equipped hydrostatic pressure testing vehicles along with a wealth of experience in regional water company specific requirements, all the necessary skills and knowledge to independently identify the integrity and soundness of pipes, joint fittings and other components ensuring that pipelines are fit for use before being put into service.

What is
Pressure Testing?

Working to industry standards (IGN-4-01-03) the maximum capacity can be established with any leaks identified and ultimately a confirmation of its ability to withstand pressure verified.

Our on-site data logging download systems allow immediate results to be presented and overall pipe performance to be evaluated in real time. This means that potential problems can be detected and identified saving time and money. The results are available as soon as the test is complete, and all background data made available for any additional review.

Once the pipe has been tested and verified a process of chlorination and dechlorination can begin in order to ensure the pipe is clean and ready for connection to the drinking water supply system. With specialist dosing and dechlorination equipment pre-agreed parameters are adhered to in order to prepare the system for water sample laboratory testing and approval to connect into the public drinking water domain.

For more information call us on 01754 766 499 or

For more information call us on 01754 766 499 or

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    For more information call us on 01754 766 499 or

    For more information call us on 01754 766 499 or