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Conroy Group are GIRS Accredited. GIRS registered providers are able to undertake new gas connections, service alterations or disconnections.

Achilles UVDB

Conroy Group are an accredited UVDB contractor. UVDB is a industry pre-qualification system used across the UK.


Conroy Group are WIRS accredited. The Water Industry Registration Scheme is for contractors who provide new connections to the existing water supply or sewerage system. These are referred to as “self-lay” organisations or SLOs. In order to be WIRS accredited, the companies


Conroy Group are accredited to OHSAS:18001.


Excavations size is greatly reduced, leading to lesser environmental impact and a reduction in excavated material. This means less material for landfill. Waste can be managed through operation of suction excavator allowing separation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Liquid Waste can be


Noise Levels – of suction excavator are well below that of conventional plant and equipment associated with this type of work activity The risk of hand and arm vibration – is eliminated as the use of conventional plant and equipment for most


Utility Service Strikes are one of the greatest risks in carrying out any excavations, this is virtually eliminated by using vacuum excavation as recommended by the HSE. Slips, Trips and Fall injuries have been greatly reduced due to no excavated material being


Faster and more efficient excavation compared to traditional open cut methods. Increased operational safety Reduced excavation sizes and subsequent cost savings No mains or cable shutoffs required whilst excavating Approved for use on contaminated ground Approved for use when laying pipes and