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Conroy For BBUSL Bowthorpe, Norwich

Location: Bowthorpe, Norwich Job Description: Main Renewal Scheme 180mm Diameter. Material to be reprocessed: Approximately 2450 Tonnes. Recycled Materials produced: C4/NFSMR (Non flowable material.) Below shows the comparison between the methodology used on site by Conroy, where the material was reprocessed at


Conroy Group are GIRS Accredited. GIRS registered providers are able to undertake new gas connections, service alterations or disconnections.

Suction Excavation​ – Case Study

The UK’s Premier Suction Excavation Operators The following case study demonstrates the operational efficiency that can be achieved by the use of Suction Excavators.​ How Does it Work? The lorries are fully self-sufficient, equipped with a range of tools to enable the

Recycling – Case Study ​

Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions (BBUSL) is the principal contractor for South West Water for sewer infrastructure installations. The new development named Cranbrook close to Exeter intends to deliver a self-sufficient, low-carbon new town which is intended to be the first stand-alone development

Conroy develop new inventory tracker app

Conroy have been developing an inventory tracker app allowing tracking, movement of plant and other vehicles across the company sites. It gives managers the ability to sync between their phones and easily provide information of movement of inventory using the built-in barcode

Achilles UVDB

Conroy Group are an accredited UVDB contractor. UVDB is a industry pre-qualification system used across the UK.


Conroy Group are WIRS accredited. The Water Industry Registration Scheme is for contractors who provide new connections to the existing water supply or sewerage system. These are referred to as “self-lay” organisations or SLOs. In order to be WIRS accredited, the companies


Conroy Group are accredited to OHSAS:18001.

Employee of the Quarter​

At one of our recent Monthly senior management meetings we have decided that there will be an employee of the quarter award. Therefore, as part of our continuing commitment to recognise the outstanding achievements of individuals who have gone above and beyond